day 21…

Running out the door to go to my running clubs annual presentation evening and remembered I needed to enter yday… did an hours worth of sit ups/ press/ups squats and lunges at home this evening… feeling it this morning!

Hope you are all having a good weekend


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Day 19… and 20…

It took quite a bit of planning to get my run in today as my diary was jam packed! In the end I jogged to my nail appointment (how girly!) and back- a total of 3 miles roughly. I’d been at work in the morning, then had my nails and had to head straight to cambridge to watch a gig (Jeffrey Lewis- brilliant!!).

Day 20: Vew-do boards was brilliant again tonight! Didn’t feel as tired during it though which I think was due to not having been to body pump the day before. I found that I was able to do a lot more of the exercises than last week though which felt positive and next week I’m going to take my gym key and go for a workout afterwards just to make sure i build up a proper sweat 🙂

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Day 18….

Quick entry tonight as am actually at a gig as I write this and tapping away on boyfriends iPhone which is very rude as stood right at front :/

Went for quick jog to supermarket and back tonight- no time or inclination to do more but got lunchtime run planned for day 19…

On a separate note: happy bday dad!

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A decent run at last ;) (day 17)


 Back to running club tonight and I’m thrilled to report I managed a 4.9mile run with very little aggro from my ankle 🙂 We did a relatively flat route which I think helped and I have found a new running partner who is the same pace as me (ie. slow) so we were chatting all the way round which is a brilliant distraction from it all.

Hope this positivity lasts- am finally beginning to see the benefits of this and feeling confident that I’m going to end Janathon much fitter and stronger than i started it 🙂

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back to the pool (day 16)

Well, as planned I made it back to the pool tonight… wasn’t actually planned for tonight but after a day of spring cleaning (washing windows and hoovering really takes it out of a girl you know?!) I decided that a nice stretch in the swimming pool was in order 🙂

My friend Jo came with me and this time I got there as the pool was opening so had a 45 minute swim before having to get out. Managed 40 lengths which is a 25% improvement on last time so very pleased with that 🙂 was also very encouraged to notice that my ankle felt much stronger and less painful in the water so am beginning to have some hope that it is improving!

Came home from swim to the first roast dinner my other half has ever cooked. Must give him a proper shout out as no small feat given the amoutn of trimmings he cooked up, although I think the spicey gravy is probably an acquired taste!

hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are celebrating that janathon is over half way 😉

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trek round london (day 15)

So this afternoon I got the train down to London and me and the other half went for a ten mile mystery walk around the city. I got the train to KingsX and decided to shun the usual tube ticket in favour of going everywhere by foot…. I love London by foot- you forget how beautiful the city actually is when you are constantly rushing for the tube or just going in for work (usually a boring conference in a hot stuffy board room).

We started off by walking up to Camden and trawling through the shops (records for the other half, dress shops for me) before deciding to head to Leicester Square, Covent Garden, China Town for dinner, Soho, Carnaby Street, Oxford Street and back to KingsX for a late train home… Such a lovely afternoon/ evening and a lot further by  foot than I thought it would be. Pedometer read 9.7 miles back at KingsX but that doesn’t include the mile to the station and back at home… Can’t wait til I can run that distance again though…

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day 14 (hopefully just in time!)

So there I was lying in bed all snuggly and warm and I suddenyl realised I hadn’t entered my entry from yesterday… I hope this is still in time!

Got home from work early yday so thought I’d take advantage and get out on a farklet (s/p?) session before it got too dark and rainy. Was first one of the year and apart from my intercostals still aching from vew-do boards it felt great… recon I did about 2.5 miles in total although didn’t measure it precisely.

Am really hoping that my ankle injury isn’t going to hang around much longer… I think it’s getting stronger and the variety I’m aiming for in my exercise is helping my fitness level from dropping too mich but I’m very frustrated that I can’t go for the distances I was doing before. I was supposed to be doing 15km race on sunday but have pulled out because I simply dont think it will last that long…. there is a 10km at the start of feb which I’m aiming for though so hopefully i’ll be back on track by then….

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